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Obsessed with your closet? So are we! Make money on your favorite styles through Bipty. Please submit items that are less than two years old, in great condition, and have a retail value over $150.

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  • Alyssa

    "I love being able to share my special pieces with Bipty Besties! The team makes it super simple and walks you through the whole process. I’ve made roughly $700 sharing my closet so far 🤍"

  • Devin

    "I've always wanted to keep certain pieces in my closet but feel guilty seeing them hang there for months. Finding Bipty was a literal dream come true. Not only do I earn side income Lending but I also give other girls the opportunity to wear these pieces!"

  • Mary

    "Bipty is the easiest side hustle, I’ve made nearly $1000 lending out a few pieces every other week! I no longer feel guilty when making expensive purchases because 1. I profit off my clothes and 2. I’m doing good by the planet by sharing each piece with others who adore my clothes as much as I do! Bipty is the epitome of a win-win all around!"

  • Guilt Free Shopping

    Give new life to those one-time wears through Lending, and make some money while doing it!

  • Forget Fast Fashion

    Reduce your clothing waste by investing in circular fashion on Bipty. Your wallet (and the planet) will thank you.

  • Lend With Confidence

    Bipty has your back with damages, lost items, or any other mishaps thrown your way.

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